Web Design

Web design is one of our favorite services to provide.  Designing websites now involves so many factors that it’s important. We have added a series of services and skill sets to achieve all of our goals.


Our range of skill sets allows us to achieve any and every possible idea in life.  Whether you’re looking for a strong SEO foundation, eCommerce solution,  responsive design, branding solutions that will help bring your ideas to the forefront.


It doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or just starting. We can help you develop your website and build the online presence you’re looking for.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

Web design can either take a day or a year to develop fully.  The main reason behind this will be how customized do you want the website to be.  


You will own 100% of the code with no fees or hassles.  If you want to keep working with us or keep it in-house, you’ll make that decision.


We don’t outsource to a third-party company.  Our developers and designers are vetted and have proven to provide quality work.


Responsive Web Design

With 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices, your website needs to display properly. So Google also penalizes websites that do not show properly on mobile and tablet devices.

Making sure your website is responsive gives users the same experience regardless of what device they use to view your website.

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Design for every device

  • Positive UX

  • Helps SEO

eCommerce Web Design Company

Running an eCommerce website is one of the most time-consuming aspects of any website. This is because there are so many factors you have to consider, from shipping to product reviews.  Our team addresses all major concerns when it comes to eCommerce and selling products. In addition, our eCommerce web design company helps hundreds of small businesses reach their goal.


At Elina Agency we have clients that love Shopify, Square, or WooCommerce to run their online business.  Our team is well versed in all platforms and customized almost anything you need. Unfortunately, some platforms create barriers to how much you can customize your website.  However, our eCommerce web design company focuses on generating sales and making the UX experience the best it can be.