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Our Mission

My name is Dimitri, and I founded Elina Agency, an all-inclusive agency specializing in small businesses.  With over ten years of experience, I've cultivated the best talent.  This new platform will be the future of marketing and how the business will be done in the future. 

Our mission is to provide an encouraging environment that challenges you to meet your personal goals.  We pride ourselves on consistent education and growth within our industry.

Our Purpose

We want to create a solution for small business owners to market their business without the high cost of advertising agencies.  Our online platform allows having a transparent marketing campaign.

With our digital approach, you're able to keep track of your progress when you have time.  All of our services are tracked online and handled by an experienced project manager.

Our Story

Elina Agency started watching a few episodes of Mad Men and evolved into a passion that goes beyond money.  Watching the marketplace shift entirely into the digital age is a struggle for many small businesses.  We've had the privilege of working with many entrepreneurs and helping them navigate this new playing field.


We have integrated a streamlined approach to executing marketing campaigns.  We take a whole marketing approach with every client because each customer receives information differently. Therefore, we must customize their message to meet the needs of each customer.


The future of Elina Agency will be to automate every marketing message to convert into real customers and sales.  Within the next five years, we will be implementing AI into our platform and designing a platform that will incorporate it into everyone's everyday life.

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